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Jean Paul Gaultier 1995 cyberdot jumpsuit

Jean Paul Gaultier 1995 cyberdot jumpsuit

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Gaultier's 1995 collection boldly channels the gritty ambiance of Mad Max's universe, infusing it with a cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic vibe that exudes both strength and femininity.

Among the standout pieces are form-fitting suits, rugged leather ensembles, and cleverly constructed jackets that effortlessly transition into skirts. Padded dresses and sleek lycra garments dominate the collection, complemented by striking cybernetic graphics and vests adorned with intricate electronic circuits. Playful touches like comic prints add a touch of whimsy to the edgy lineup.

A notable highlight of the collection is the incorporation of cyber-dot garments, paying homage to the iconic Hungarian artist Victor Vasarely, whose work in pop art lends a dynamic and futuristic edge to Gaultier's visionary designs.

The iconic jumpsuit is one of the runway shows highlight’s. 

Size: S

Condition: 9/10, minor lose stitch around the back plate. 

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