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Prada 1996 skirt

Prada 1996 skirt

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The Prada 1996 collection marked a defining moment in the fashion industry, showcasing Miuccia Prada's visionary approach to design and her unparalleled ability to challenge conventions. This collection revolutionized the fashion landscape with its bold use of iconic prints that would become synonymous with Prada's aesthetic.

One standout element of the Prada 1996 collection was the incorporation of vibrant geometric prints. These striking patterns, including geometric shapes, checkered motifs, and graphic lines, infused the collection with an audacious and contemporary spirit. Prada reimagined these prints in unexpected color combinations, injecting a sense of playfulness and sophistication into each garment.

This Prada 1996 skirt is a timeless piece of fashion history. Crafted from brown fabric, this mini skirt is an iconic design by Miuccia Prada from the 90s. Vintage and collectible, it's sure to remain a stylish choice for years to come. The skirt is a very good example of the ‘ugly chic’ mouvement, Miuccia Prada started. We offer matching heels on our site.

Condition: 9/10, very good preloved condition

Size: i42 (circa S)

Approximate flat-lay measurements:

  • Waist: 36
  • Hips: 48 cm
  • Length: 41 cm
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